Marlon Bernardes

Marlon Bernardes Software Engineer

About me

Hi! I'm a full-stack software engineer with over 9 years of industry experience, with deep knowledge of Java and JavaScript, but experienced in other languages, such as Ruby, Scala, and Go to a lesser extent.

Passionate about well-written code, adept of agile methodologies, automated tests and continuous integration tools. Participate actively in the professional community both as a participant and as a speaker, having presented talks related to Java, JavaScript, Web Security and DevOps.


Hack in Poa: Best Web Application

Our team built a web application, "Tá Novinho"​ (Like New) as part of a hackaton and won the "best web application" award. Our application was a fully-functional store for selling used - like new - stuff, built in under 30 hours. The app was built using Ruby on Rails.

Best Final Paper

My final paper, “A Model of an Adaptative Quiz as Support for E-learning” for Unisinos’s course of System Analysis and Development was selected as the best and won an ASSESPRO-RS award.